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Most relevant and flexible Code Editor to help designers design websites using code.
Version 1.0
Introducing Code-Boxes

An extremely powerful new way to design by coding in the floating Code-Boxes.
Focus on design and code at the same time.

Drag the code, not the design
WebTool does not force you to drag the design. Drag the code, not the design.

Resize the code, not the design
Be smart, don't split or resize the design. Split or resize the code.

Hide the code, not the design
Don't hide the design behind the curtain of code. Focus on the design and hide the code.
Presenting full page view

WebTool is the only code editor to provide a full-screen view of the web design while coding. It increases speed and improves the design.

Zoom like a microscope
WebTool provides 🔬 500% zooming capacity to the design.
Full-Screen Code-Box
WebTool has a feature of full-screen Code-Boxes. Resize the code boxes according to needs.
Design/Development Mode
Switch between design and development mode instantly.
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Test instantly on all screen-types

😏 WebTool helps designers to test the flexibility of the design on all screen types instantly at once.

Testing on all screen types
Test on all screen types without any extra effort using Screen Test Mode.
Switch instantly
Switch from one mode to another in less than one second.
Hide unwanted Screen
Focus on any one or two screens by hiding the screen/screens you don't need.
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Test on various devices

The fastest way to check your design on various devices instantly. Choose the devices from the divided categories of mobiles, tablets, and computers.

Devices Screen Test
Test your website design on the screens of various devices. Make the changes you want immediately.
Responsive Test
Resize the screen to test the flexibility of the design. Test the design at each breakpoint.
Change orientation
Rotate the screen to test the site in landscape/portrait mode.
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And Many Other Features
🤔 WebTool helps designers to focus on design. Try now for free
WebTool saves your Energy and Time

WebTool helps designers to design websites with less effort and faster speed. No need to switch between editor and browser. No need to split screens. Just write code and get Results.

🥳 A Designer-friendly tool to make User-friendly Websites.

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