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Last Updated on 31 March 2021

We reserve the right to update and change the Terms at our discretion without notice. Any new features in excess to the current Services shall be subject to the Terms. Continued use of the Services after any such changes shall constitute your consent to such changes. You can review the most current version of the Terms anytime at: https://webtoolapp.com/tandc.html
If you accept the Terms on behalf of a company or other legal entity, you warrant that you have full legal authority to accept the Terms on behalf of such company or other legal entity, and to legally bind such company or other legal entity.
You may not accept the Terms if you are not of legal age to form a binding contract with us.
Violation of any of the Terms may result in blocking your access to the Services, as well as in redress.

  1. Buying and activating WebTool
    1. In order to use WebTool, you must purchase a License Key and download WebTool from the Website.
    2. A single License Key can be used ten times to activate WebTool. After reaching the maximum limit of 10 activations you have to buy a new License Key.
    3. After activating WebTool on a computer you can use it for lifetime.
    4. Re-Installing WebTool on same computer requires to re-activate WebTool.
    5. A single License Key can be used ten(10) times to re-activate WebTool.
    6. In the case of lost License Key, Please Contact Developer and wait for the reply.
  2. Trial Period
    1. WebTool does not provide any trial period. The only way to use WebTool is to buy WebTool
  3. Use of data
    1. We may periodically collect and use technical and related data concerning the WebTool you have licensed, including about the version number of WebTool you have installed and about the system you have installed WebTool on (only the name of the computer and the version of the operating system). We will use such data to facilitate maintenance and support with respect to WebTool, to improve our products and to provide further services or technologies to you.
    2. We may process your personal data to the extent necessary to provide the License Key, maintenance and support and to comply with our obligations under the Terms. To the extent we will process personal data, we will comply with our obligations under applicable data protection law. Please see our Privacy Policy for more details on the processing of your personal data that we have collected and received through our Services.
  4. Money-Back Rules
    1. You can get your money-back only after providing a valid reason. No Money-Back for minor app issues.
    2. Money-Back is a decision of the developer(Gulshan Sharma). Buyer can get money-back only if developer find that the reason provided is a valid reason.

By using WebTool App and WebTool Website(webtoolapp.com), you agree to terms and conditions explained above.

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